Corrugated roll quality six aspects of corrugated board quality i



Corrugated roll quality will directly affect the cost of corrugated board production.General enterprises will be irregular inspection of the corrugated roll.So, the detection of these points will affect the corrugated board what?Find out below.

1, corrugated roll pitch

Cogging distance refers to the distance between two cogging peaks.Generally speaking, the larger the cogging distance is not conducive to printing, but the cogging distance is relatively low to the corrugated cogging rate, can reduce the amount of corrugated paper, but the impact on the corrugated board edge pressure.

2. Corrugated roll height

Leno height refers to the distance between the two leno peaks of the valley, the higher the general leno height to make the cardboard edge pressure is stronger, the more corrugated paper, that is, the higher the cardboard thickness, but the cardboard flat pressure is relatively low, the corrugated roller is also more easy to wear.

3. Medium height of the corrugated rod

In order to make the corrugated roll in the operation of the average parallel pressure on the core paper and paper, the general corrugated roll has a certain height.Some pressure rollers have medium height and some do not. This is set according to different equipment characteristics.The so-called middle height is the diameter of the middle part of the corrugated roller is larger than the diameter of the two ends of the corrugated roller, generally between 30-60 wires, as for the amount of the middle height depends on the diameter of the roller, width and material factors.

4. Diameter of corrugated roll

The larger the diameter of the corrugated rod, the better the rigidity, the less high, the more steam can be stored in the roller, the smaller the vibration, the easier to operate.The disadvantage is that the core paper contact surface, resulting in the core paper tension.

5, corrugated roller bite gap

When the upper and lower corrugated rolls bite, if the bite gap of the corrugated wall is too small, it will cause the corrugated core paper to break, affecting the strength of the corrugated;If the bite gap is too large, the resonance of the corrugated roll will increase.

6. Corrugating rate

After the corrugated is formed, the length of the corrugated after straightening is compared with the length without straightening.Generally, the higher the corrugated rate, the more paper used, if you use the same material edge compression strength is greater, the lower the flat compression strength.